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  1. The platform does not guarantee that the service sought will be made available to the service seeker. That will depend on the availability of the service provider and other circumstances affecting him.
  2. If it is reasonably proven that the service provider has failed to deliver the service as per the service seeker’s instructions and the service therefore is not acceptable, the money paid to the platform will be refunded to the service seeker. The service provider in that case will have no objection to that or make any claim whatsoever. The service seeker will also not be able to claim any compensation. 
  3. Neither the service provider nor the service seeker are permitted by the platform to reveal directly or indirectly their personal mobile or phone number or e-mail address in their communication with each other. The Platform has the right to monitor all communications Audio, Video and written between the service provider and service seeker.
  4. The Platform reserves the right to immediately block and cancel the service provider and service seeker if they are found to be violating the above rules. 
  5. If any damage to the equipment or asset of the Service Seeker is caused during discharge of the service, the Service Provider will be responsible and the Admin or Platform will bear no responsibility or liability. The service provider has in his profile mentioned that he can provide services satisfactorily.
  6. The Service Providers will be solely responsible to ensure that the Service Seekers do not leave without making  final payment to the Admin or Platform by using watermarks or other checks which they will withdraw only after final payment to the Admin. or Platform is made.
  7. The Admin. or Platform will have the right to block or remove any registered Service Provider if it feels it is involved in some malpractice.
  8. In case of offline or home or outdoor service the payment of the final price will be made by the Service Seeker to the Service Provider. The Service Provider will issue a Money Receipt to the Service Seeker & then take a photo of the Receipt with his mobile & forward it to the Admin or Platform through Messaging. The Service Provider will be legally bound to pay the Admin or Platform it's 20% commission by money transfer the same day.
  9. The Admin. or Platform will only be in Business in pre- notified hours.